Frequent questions

Can i start providing my profesional services justo r my registration?

No. Once you register yourself and uploading the documentation during the registration process, you should wait until the final approval from Asterisco Medico to start providing your professional services.

If you are part of a Health Care company staff partner of Asterisco Medico, the documentation will be validated by that company.

Should I provide my patients my own mobile phone number information?

The professional should only inform the patients about the Asterisco Medico Service and how to access to the platform to contact him. The patient will never know about the professional mobile number.

Who is responsible to pay my professional services?

If you provide your professional services by your own, your professional fees will be paid by Asterisco Medico by a wire transfer to your register Bank Account.

If you provide your professional services via a Health Care company partner of Asterisco Medico, your professional fees will be paid by that company.

How can I access the system if I forgot my password?

You can select to remember the password at the login page.

The platform will send an email to your registered email address with the access credentials.

What happens in case the reminder email does not arrive?

Emails sent may suffer delays under certain situations depending on the destination email server conditions.

In case you do not receive the email immediately , wait some minutes, check your email folders carefully, verify that the email address is not listed in the spam list (in case yes please delete it from there).

If the email still does not arrive, try to select again the remember password option.

In case the email does not arrive please contact Asterisco Medico, using the contact information available in our website

If I register as Professional on Duty, how I get notifications for new requests?

The professional should be logged in the APP or in the web in order that the system detects itself as available.

The system will send a notifications for any new patient request and the first professional that pick that request is the one who can call the patient

If I register as Scheduled Calls Professional, how can I get notifications about new sessions?

The professional should be logged in the APP or in the web in order that the system detects itself as available.

The system will send a notification for any new patient request at the beginning of each day. You can start the calls at the scheduled time or in case the patient is connected before that time.

Can I reschedule my scheduled sessions?

The professional can reschedule the calls for any new available moment. The patient must accept the change.

In case of vacations or not availability, the professional can configure a Backup Professional that can be in charge of the new requests during its absence.

What happens in case the professional calls and the patient does not answer?

The professional can retry at least one time to contact the patient and start the call

In case after the second attempt the patient does not answer, the call can be marked as done by the professional.

What type of data connection should I have?

You need a good quality data service to get a communication (Private WiFi or 4G). (In case 4G is not available, 3G will be sometimes enough to get an audio only session or chat)

What types of health symptoms can be treated?

Asterisco Medico service is recommended for low complexity and primary health care cases,i.e. orientative queries that do not replace your preferred professional, professional on duty or the emergency services.

Asterisco Medico is not an emergency service. If the user is under an emergency you must call the emergency services available in your city/country during 24hs

Diagnoses that can be taken care by Asterisco Medico:

  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Tips to stop smoking and lose weight
  • Pre-travel queries to both national and international destinations
  • Queries for prevention (eg Vaccines, Medication: dosage, indications and contraindications, adverse effects, etc.)
  • Diarrhea
  • Sore throat
  • Rashes
  • Flu
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Pediatric problems of low complexity cases
  • Cold
  • Sinusitis
  • Vomiting

Diagnoses that can not be taken care by Asterisco Medico:

  • Heart or brain affections
  • Severe body extremities conditions
  • Preparation of Medical Certificates / Physical Fitness
  • Seizures / Epilepsy
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Pain or pressure in the chest
  • Poisoning
  • Events that are considered an emergency, urgencies or a serious case
  • Hemorrhage or significant bleeding
  • Serious injuries to the head, neck or back
  • Symptoms of life risk or that may cause deterioration of the person
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Moderate to severe burns

What happens in the communication fall?

In case the communication quality or connection is bad and session ends automatically, the professional can call the patient again to finish the session.

It is recommended to look for a place with very good data quality WiFi or 4G to guarantee the quality of the communication.

Is it mandatory to score the patient at the end of the communication?

It is not mandatory but it is advisable since it will also allow us to evaluate the patient's response and resolve conflicts

We recommend to add some comments at the end of the feedback form after the session.

Do I have access to the notes, prescriptions and prescriptions that were sent to the patient?

All information sent by the professional during and after the session are available for the patient accesing the session details

Can I choose the professional for scheduled sessions?

Yes, You can choose the Professional or look for professionals that meet the desired needs: profession, speciality, location, ranking.