Residents and travelers around the world

Everywhere you live, communicate with your same language professional is easy and fast and today Is possible.

Asterisco Medico is the leading Company in providing videoconferences between doctors/psychologists with its patients out of face to face care.

What are the system advantages?

  • Everywhere you live, communication with a professional (doctor or psychologist) of your same language is possible! Increasing the trust when you need it more.
  • You can solve simple questions or get a second opinion from professionals with your same nationality.
  • It provides a high quality health care service and with a lower price than the one in your residence country.
  • It provides medical care and immediate attention to any member of your family or to schedule a session with your trusted doctor.
  • Avoids unnecessary travels to the professional office or health care center, and the long waiting time and possibilities of contagion.
  • Keep the relationship with your professional out of the face to face visits.
  • Our system, allows you to manage the communication with the professionals at any time, using the app or the web access.

Our system will manage the communication with the professional.

Simply you can access our website:, or downloading our mobile app from application stores (android or apple), register yourself by adding your personal data, family group and subscribing yourself to our service with you credit card. Then you can log in the application via mobile or web and your data with be validated to allow you the access to the professionals.

¿Qué costo tiene el abono del servicio?

AR$ 400 (cuatrocientos pesos argentinos) por mes y por grupo familiar.